Monday, April 24, 2006
Arrgh! It happens every friggin' year! My computer broke down again and this time the motherboard was the one that was fried. Well come to think of it, the last time my computer broke down because the motherboard was, well. fried. The reason why it was fried? Intense heat! My computer can't take the summer heat so it took a very long break. for good.

Now this means that I need to upgrade my computer. Since AMD (I love AMD) outphased the Socket A processors [My previous processor was AMD Sempron 2600+ - Still in good working conditon - I think], there is no more point in investing in one. So I had to hire a new processor from the AMD family. Welcome AMD Athlon 64 3000+! With 64-bit computing at 1800MHz, I'm now ready for 64-bit computing (Vista, I'm ready for ya!). But of course upgrading my computer means shelling out most of my hard earned cash.

So might as well turn the notch a bit higher.

Since my previous mobo was Epox, the one that brokedown, a friend of mine suggested the mobos from MSI. Aside from that I had to get a new hard drive (80 GB) since the previous one died along with the motherboard. And last but not the least, the casing must be changed. My previous computer casing was a White-I-Dunno-It's-Name-Sucky-Heat-Producing-Box, which by the way was one of the reasons why my computer brokedown. It had poor ventilation which contributed to the frying of the blasted motherboard.

So off with the old and on with the new! I acquired a new casing prouldy named 'DUKE-some-series-of-letters-after-the-name". Good thing about my new casing is that it had mesh side and top panels which helps in the ventilation of my system. But wait! There's more! Aside from the meshy body, It also includes a cool tri-led colored intake fan in front and a boring-black out-take fan at the back. Only problem is that this casing is a mighty dust collector. (I'm not a fan of dust and so does my system).

So here I am again... back to blogging!
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