Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Say What?!
I'm sorry but I just have to post this pic...

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Parental Guidance is adviced! I just can't help but to think: What do they serve to their customers? And what the hell was the owner thinking?. Hmmm... there may be lot's of possibilities on how this eatery got it's name.

My theories:
  • It was named after someone. You know, most of us like to name jeepney's, stores, pets after someone dear to us. But if that's that's the case then all I can say is: Poor soul, named after a genital.
  • The sign-maker mispelled something. Maybe the original name of the eatery was "Pik Pik". It's just that the one who maked the sign made some booboos. I mean just observe some signs along Buendia or Edsa: "Bawal Omehi dito", "Menimum Fare: Six pisos" etc.
  • The owner is one hell of a nut job. In tagalog: "wala lang -- trip".
  • The owner loves... oh, you know what I mean!

"Saan ko kaya mahahanap itong carinderia na ito?"
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