Tuesday, June 06, 2006
As of this Moment
It's 3:08 pm on a Monday. A sunny day to be exact but I feel cold. The airconditioning is high again and I left my jacket at home. Fingers are becoming stiff. I wish I can go out to the warm afternoon. But it's too soon. Currently I'm at my cube. Office things cluttered all over my desk. A mess. Oh well, just have to wait, I'll just listen to Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams. Guitars strumming helps my afternoon become lazier. Not too much work to do, just finished all of them actually. This is how Mondays should be.

My mind's a clutter. It's In dire need of thought reoganization. sigh... Breakdown by Jack Johnson is currently playing -- "I need this old train to breakdown, Oh please just let me breakdown". I need a break. breakdown. breakaway. whatever. As long as it's a nice long time of idleness. Naaaah. I'm just being lazy again.
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