Saturday, June 10, 2006

A team building happened last night at the Circles Shangrila Makati because the most highest and revered (revered?!) teamleads flew in from Germany. Oh my, I've never been so full and so confused in my whole life. Circles is one of those high-end Buffets that offer superb food. So many cuisines are up for grabs (grab and put into mouth, repeat process). Sky's the limit.

The moment that it was time for the whole team to get to the buffet table and select whatever they want. Hell broke loose. I was so confused on what to try out first. Lamb-chops, Fish Fillets, Sushi, Steaks, Tempura, Veggies, soups, Dimsum, whaaaah! A first timer like me would go mad on what to eat. By the time that I had my third run on the Buffet table, I was already bursting. My stomach was up to limits but no... the desert bar was still untouched. Need to get my hands on those sweets (Crepes, Ice creams, Flans, Cakes, Cookies and Pastries) and that chocolate fountain...

And so I gave in to the lushiousness (not to mention the sugar-highness) of the sweets. I picked the strawberry flan (which I thought was somekind of ice cream), Creme Brulee and two pieces of chocolate covered marshmallows. My cavities were definitely having a feast back then with my chocolate covered teeth. Heehee. After eating that three items, I just said to myself that I shall never go near the dessert bar again... two minutes later I came back to my seat carrying a peach-flavored muffin with chocolate trimmings. Arrgh! I swear, the dessert bar is some sort of incarnation of dark forces. It can suck the life force of those who have a weak will. It's irresistible!

After that night I have a clear idea of what the word 'gluttony' means. Ugh! I wanna barf. Anyone out there knows a good gym? I need to lose this pounds and some inches (Been trying forever). Heehee. Lesson learned: Dessert Bar Buffets are pure Evil.
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