Monday, July 31, 2006
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"Hey [insert name here], I see you looking over here [insert name here] , Are you gonna keep looking (Get up), and talk to me"

No, I'm not a Jessica Simpson Fan and Yes, this is another post about Jessica's Publicity stunt for her new single Public Affair. Besides making Christina Millian, Christina Applegate and Eva Longoria (*drool*) appear in her latest video, Yahoo music is now offering, for $1.99, a personalized song of Jessica simpson -DRM free! Why personalized? You'll get to hear Jessica (or more probably her back-up singers) say your name in the song. Yahoo thinks that it will make the listeners feel that Jessica is singing to them (Yech!). I got some personalized sample versions of the song "Public Affair" with some select names. Go to Jessica's website and see if your name is included in the list of 500. Now, I couldn't imagine what I'm going to do with a personalized Jessica simpson song (after listening to it) than make it an SMS ringtone.

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