Wednesday, June 28, 2006
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"Ang mga issues na nakaraan na at di nasabi agad eh dahilan na lang yan. Di na yan solusyon"

That's the closing remarks of my project team lead at one of our team meetings. Issues -- problems, confusions or what ever that's bothering you. It seems that every now and then there are some issues that come into our life no matter how we avoid it. May it be personal issues, family issues, love issues, health issues, work issues, friendship issues -- It's everywhere and a normal person may have one or more issues that I've stated.

In the past when I have personal issues, I tend to just keep it to myself. Tried to work it out on my own or just let it pass by with the time. I must say that I had a very hard time coping with them and as days had gone I've realized that the longer I keep it to myself, the more it affects each aspect of my life. It spawned other problems --family issues, health issues, friendship issues, each and every type of issue seem to march to my doorstep. That was the time that I had to give up and turn to some people.

I took refuge in the internet, chatting up unknown people and confiding in them. I sought for someone that would listen to my problems. I sought for comfort. Just talking about those issues made me feel a lot lighter. Even if someone gave you a bad advice or just mocked your issues, It still made me a lot lighter (although a bit angry). It's the process of speaking that helps.

Bringing up past issues doesn't help the present situation. Who wants to remember something bad that was already buried in memories? Bringing it up would just mess things up. I'm just wondering why do some people like to bring up past issues in heated arguments? What is their purpose? -- Just to hurt someone's feelings? And after they did that? Would they feel great? Yes. Maybe. But just for a moment.

As much as possible, let past issues be past issues. Just like what my project team lead had said to us, Issues that were in the past are just bad reasons, they can never be used as solutions to our current problems. To speak is a good start to end present issues or problems. Just look around, you're not alone.

"thinking out loud"
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