Wednesday, July 26, 2006
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Disney) - Captain Jack Sparrow is back for another swash-buckling adventure together with Will Turner and errr... Keira Knightly and this time it's the quest for the Dead Man's Chest. What is the Dead Man's Chest you say? Well better watch the movie at the big screen because it's every penny's worth. Just don't mind the story and how it ends. Actually, the ending of the second installment of POTC will smack your face with a big loose end. IMHO, that's just the big disappointment in this movie. Other than that I also think Kiera Knightly's acting is horrible or is it just because of her accent? If you have been quite a fan of One Piece (anime), then you'd appreciate Davy Jones and his henchmen. Besides the very interesting set of sea-creatures/henchmen, the CG was top of the notch! The best that I've seen since Gollum of LOTR (Here's an interesting link on how they did Davy Jones). I mean, there were times when I had to ask myself if the tentacles of Davy Jones were real (animatronics) or not. But then again, the movie falls short in the end. I just wished that POTC had followed what the Matrix movies has done: Release two films in one year. *Sigh* might as well wait for the third installment of POTC next year.

Nacho Libre (Nickelodeon Films) - Nachoooooooooo! This is one hilarious flick. Nacho Libre is about a cook-slash-monk (Jack Black) at an orphanage who is terrible at cooking. Frustrated with what he's serving to the children, Nacho lived a double life - one as a monk and one as a luchador (wrestler) - to be able to make his dreams come true and at the same time help out the children at the orphanage. Now this movie is aimed for kid/tweens/kids-at-heart so don't expect a complex storyline and some witty comedies. Expect a lot of slapstick comedy instead. Jack Black may be the main actor of the movie but his supporting actor/sidekick, Esqueleto, is the star of the show. Damn! Esqueleto (The skeleton), screams like a girl when he gets hurt during the wrestling match. It was so hilarious that the movie-goers were laughing their heads-off. This is a good watch if you are in the mood for comedy.

Lady in the Water (Warner Brothers) - M. Night Shyamalan's at it again. This is one film that I'm glad that I watched. The things that attracted me to this movie are the new actors (just like in United 93 <-- good film) and the mysterious plot/theme. I think that Lady in the Water is an attack to Hollywood's on-going routine with big productions and cliche stories. There are many symbolisms in this film (take note of the Lady's name and what kind of person she's looking for). Pretty much like Itchyworms' Noontime Show, which attacks local television. I won't go into details. Don't watch this film if you're quite sleepy for it might put you to sleep. Besides, it's really a bedtime story. Btw, I loved the movie poster of Lady in the Water.


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