Friday, October 05, 2007
Ana Banana and the Slippery Rubber
It was 12:30 pm and I just arrived at the office. At the floor lobby, after swiping my id badge to open the door, the security suddenly stopped me. He asked my name and after confirming it he then pulled out a pack of cookies from under the table lobby and handed it to me. Puzzled, I asked if the pack of cookies was really meant for me. He said yes and says it was from someone. He wouldn't tell who so I thanked him and went to my desk.

I related the incident to my officemate sitting behind me and he said that it was probably from my "Mommy" or "Daddy". I didn't get what he mean but why the hell would my parents go to my office and leave me a pack of cookies? Extremely puzzled, I just shook my head and started working.

Suddenly, one of the girls shouted out "Yey! I already got my present!". That's when it hit me! Today is the first day of our Office Kris Kringle and I haven't bought a gift for my "Baby" yet! Luckily the theme was "First thing you look for in a convenience store." so I rushed to the nearest Mini Stop and bought a small item.

Anyway, back to the girl, She showed us the gift she received: (and I knew that something like this would turn up) two packs of condoms. And when there's something related to sex, there's bound to be sex jokes and stuff.

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It didn't end there. Our client on-site also joined in the fun and showed us his banana-- Err, that didn't went out right--I mean one of the bananas he bought from the canteen. Then almost everyone had this idea of putting the condom on the banana for demonstration's sake and Academic purposes. So one complied and did the demonstration:

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Never knew that fruit and rubber goes well together.


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