Thursday, December 13, 2007
The Dissection of Johnjan's Face [1st Run]
According to's face recognition program, my facial features has the resemblance to the following unfortunate celebrities:

Here are the names of the celebrities together with the likeness percentage:
A. Ronaldo with 74%. Ok... I look like a footballer?

B. Jeff Gordon with 68%. Or more like a professional Race Car Driver?

C. Shane Filan with 67%. Now I know I have a chance in joining Westlife if ever he breaks from the group. Haha

D. Christopher Uckermann with 67%. A mexican Singer?!?... Sino siya?

E. Daveigh Chase with 64%. 0_0 No comment.

F. P Ramlee with 64%. Whoohoo! He looks like a stuntman from one of those Fernando Poe Movies!

G. Sally Suthers with 61%. WTF?!? Who the hell is this?! And why do I have a resemblance with an old lady?!

H. Jewel with 60%. Pootik! "Follow your heart... your intuition."

I. Nick Lachey with 59%. And another one from a defunct boy band.

J. Pierre Bouvier with 58%. Sino siya?

No one even came close 90%! Gosh! My thick hard face really is one of a kind! :P

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posted by Johnjan @ 12:28 AM  
  • At 12/13/2007 7:10 PM, Anonymous rowjie said…

    nice. hehe. come on, sing "Swear it Again". LOL! But I like you singing "Follow your heart... your intuition" better. Haha!

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