Friday, October 26, 2007

It's 1:22 AM and I just got home from work. Tired yet thankful, almost none of my officemates remembered something about this day. All of them are poring over the work that has to be done. I really don't want to spend the first hours of this day at a cube trying figure out the messy codes and pull out the bug that's been wrecking havoc at a computer program. But it can't be helped, I just have to make ends meet with the hours and the knowledge that I have. And so I left the office at 12:30 AM.

As I was about to alight the elevator when I received a text message. A message that I was expecting and eager to receive. My first greeting. Later on several text messages from people that I know arrived. Some of the messages came from numbers that were not stored in my phone. Puzzled, I just saved the messages for later.

Thankful, that even though at the dead of the night I was able to arrive home safely to an empty house. Almost all of the occupants were asleep except the last one to arrive. There was no food table to welcome my arrival so I let my messy bedroom welcome me instead.

A year has passed and I realized that somehow I've grown a lot. Leaving more traces of my childhood and turning them into mere memories. But somehow I'm still reluctant to let go. Still I kept a piece of childhood in me. My comfort zone.
Thanks to all those who greeted me at the first hours of my day. To those who surprised my with simple gestures. You know that I've been forced to keep my distance for obvious reasons but still you are all here with me. Thanks again for the patience and the understanding that you have been unconsciously giving me. Forever will I be grateful for your existence and your continuous appreciation of my existence.
Hope I can still see and be with you on my next New Year.
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And with this, I'll start again.
Refresh, reboot myself for
Another reBirth.


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