Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Laugh Out Loud
Bwahahahaha! Bwahahaha!

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Oh my, I've never been so entertained in my life. It's been a long time since I almost laughed my guts out and had a stomach ache. Whooo! I need a breather.

In one way or another you might have heard the new superheroine Zsa Zsa. No, not Zsa Zsa Padilla! Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah! A brainchild of Carlo Vergara, Zaturnnah is heavily based on cliches of modern day superheroes (Darna, Sailormoon etc.) and Filipino Artists (Nora aunor, Vilma Santos etc.). Although the concept is not original, Zaturnnah's story is a one hell of a twisted rollercoaster ride of laughs and side stiches. I don't want to spoil the details so just grab a copy of the graphic novel. It's money well spent.

Just two months ago, the Cultural Center of the Philippines brought the graphic novel to life. With Eula Valdez as Zsa zsa Zaturnnah and Agot Isidro as her arch-enemy Queen Femina Squarestellar Barouqe from Planet X (Quite a mouthful), 'Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah: Ze musikal' rocked the theatre with lots of giggles, snorts and laughs. I managed to catch the show of Zaturnnah with its second run at the PETA theatre in Quezon City. I had loads of fun! fun! fun! I was laughing so hard every freakin' five minutes of the show. From the time the big 'Zaturnnah' Rock fell from the sky and hit Ada's head up to the Transmorphication of the Amazonitas, Damn! The actor who played Didi gave a tremendously great performance by having the audience laugh out at his every side comment. Whew! No wonder the show's full of positive comments because it's that GOOD!

I heard that Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is going to have a movie version and I also heard that Ruffa Mae Quinto is going to play Zaturnnah... too bad, I don't like her 'so-called' comedic movies (Super B and Booba - Big Flops). I just wished they picked someone who looks serious as a super hero. Eula Valdez was very effective as Zaturnnah because she's known as a hardcore dramatic actress. Who knew that a serious looking Zaturnnah (like Eula) could suddenly utter carabao-english statements with cuss words on the side. (Just read the novel and you'll understand what I'm blabbering about). Well, let's see what the movie will be when it comes out.

ALERT! Zaturnnah going to have a 3rd RUN! June 16-18! Just 5 shows back at the CCP! Oh my! Go and watch it! It's money well spent. I swear.

As for now. Zaaaaaaturnnnah!! Kabooom! (Zsa Zsa)...

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