Thursday, June 01, 2006
It's another 'useless' day for me at work because I spent 80% of the day doing nothing (by 'nothing' I mean surfing the web or pretending to do something). Our working hours start at 10 am but since I'm the model employee of our project, I normally arrive at around 12 pm. heehee. Oh well, since I was not productive anymore I got out of the office at around 8 pm.

About thirty minutes later, I got on a bus that was bound to the south. Bad luck hit me since the seat that I got had a leaking airconditioning on top. So half of the ride I was wiping droplets of water off from my bag, face and arms. I could not switch places since the bus was already jam packed.

Later on as some passengers were getting off and some are boarding the bus, I noticed this lady in an orange shirt. She's with her whole family, I guess, because an old man and two teenage boys was with her. She seems familiar. I just can't remember the name. Anyway as she sat on the seat adjacent to mine, she instructed her husband to sit beside her. When she has spoken, my memory kicked in. I remember. The way she spoke: "Dito meron pa", it had a distinct intonation that I can never forget. It's an intonation that I've always heard in my school days. She was one of my highschool teachers.

I remembered her name. I remembered her voice. I remembered the very famous words of her. I was about to say 'hi' when I hesistated. Maybe stress kept me from saying 'hi'. I just wondered, will she remember who I am? She has taught a lot of students and I think it's hard for her to remember all of their names. Maybe she'll remember students that are really memorable but not me.

According to Bob Ong, in the eyes of a teacher, a class of students can be grouped under different categories:
  • Clowns - Ang official 'Kenkoy' ng klase.
  • Geeks - Mga walang pakialam sa mundo, libro-teacher-blackboard lang ang iniintindi.
  • Hallow man - mga palaging absent o mga absent minded.
  • Spice Girls - Samahan ng mga babaeng fashionista, gimikera, etc.
  • Da Gwapings - Counterpart ng Spice Girls.
  • Celebrities - Ang mga atleta, class president, musical singers.
  • Guinness - Matitibay ang loob at determinasyon sa pag-aaral.
  • Leather Goods - Matibay ang determinasyong mangopya, mandaya. Makapal ang mukha.
  • Weirdos - Mga probelamtic, misunderstood o black sheep ng klase.
  • Mga Anak ni Rizal - Well rounded students. Magaling sa academic, physical etc.
  • Commoners - Mga generic na miyembro ng klase. Mga unang nakakalimutan ng teachers at classmates nila.
exceprt from ABNKKBSNPLAko?!

I guess I fall under the 'Commoners' category. She managed to look at me but I did not dare to look back. It was already an akward moment for me. As we got off the same bus stop, I just wondered if she's still teaching at my high school. Many teachers had changed schools since the 'mercury incident' threatened to shut down my highschool. Oh well, I just hope she's still teaching.

"...grow and be like the molave"
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