Sunday, May 28, 2006
Silver Screen 1.0
It's movie time!

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The Da Vinci Code (Sony Pictures). - You know what? Since this movie has been overhyped and controversial, I say just read the novel. It's a hundred times better than the documentary-movie or whatever it's called. If you really want to check it out, just watch it on video.

Over The Hedge (Dreamworks)- Cool Movie. It's meant both for kids and kids-at-heart. Surely the uber-cuddliness of the characters may give a wrong impression that this movie is just another slapstick (well, partly it has slapstick moments) movie BUT this is a solid entertainer. The story was great, the voice-acting was at its best, the characters were memorable and the antics were, well, funny.

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X-Men III: The Last Stand (20 century Fox) - For fans of the Marvel Universe, this flick is a keeper otherwise, wait for it on video. You'll get to see some of the major characters come alive (and do the opposite as well... aheehee) on the big screen and see them give the villians a major whoop-ass! The core plot of the movie was well made but with the inclusion of the compressed phoenix plot... it became bland -- Actually, worse. And to think this is the final installment of the X-men movies? Think again. Computer graphics were superb! Angel's wings were magnificent, Iceman and Pyro's face-off was good (although it was a cliche), Colossus' body was gleaming metallic and Phoenix's mutant powers kicked ass. Big time! and oh, just one more thing. Juggernaut's costume sucked. Big time!

United 93 (Universal Pictures) - Based from true incidents, this movie recollects the events within the United 93 flight -- One of the four planes that was hijacked during the 9-11 tragedy. Hands down to this film! I can say that this movie is waaaaaay better than the films noted above. The camera work was one of the finest that I've seen. The cast, which doesn't include any big names or academy award winners, delivered a wonderful performance. I mean, the movie relived the 9-11 tragedy in another point of view. It gave me the chills just watching the actors/actress gasp at the crumbling towers of the World Trade Center. I checked the release dates of this movie and unfortunately the Philippines wasn't included. (Don't ask how did I get to see this film.. aheehee). But if ever this movie reach the Philippine shores, I say watch it. This film is one true gem -- a diamond in the rough.

More movies! More movies! *drool* ~


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