Thursday, March 15, 2007
History Lesson

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My brother and I watched 300 last monday. I had no work so I took him to one of the friendly neighborhood SM malls. We watched the second (Around 7 pm) to the last show and I was suprised that there are still many people in the cinema. It just proves that 300 is still one smokin' hot movie. Last saturday I checked out if my friend and I can manage to watch 300. Unfortunately all seats were already taken. I mean, the movie houses were already jampacked till the last full show.

Well anyway, the movie 300 is a total eye candy. Every scene is stunningly gorgeous and the war details is very well made. Storywise, meh!. Hehehe. The scene I liked the most is the dance of the oracle. Obviously, the original sequence was created underwater and later special effects were added like the smoke swirlies.

Many people were wondering with what is the connection of the oracle with the story of 300. Well, in greek times there was this Oracle of Delphi that was under the god Apollo (She was like, may greeks believed, the mouthpiece of Apollo). Many kings and war lords come to consult the oracle regarding war decisions and such. The smoke in movie is some kind of drug that induces hallucinations upon inhalation. That's why the oracle is dancing wildly and speaking gibberish to the mystics (I've read this somewhere). Ok, see wikipedia for more details. heehee.

Now that I've watched 300... I need God of War II!


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