Sunday, March 25, 2007
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Since the first time I laid my hands on our family computer/famicom, I knew that that was the start of a very long relationship... to video games. Well, my point is that I really like video games. May it be the ancient famicom, the bulky arcade or the bricky gameboy as long as I'm in control of a sprite or a moving protagonist then I'm into it.

Recently, I just bought myself the newest offer of Nintendo to the gaming world -- The Nintendo DS. Well, It was already released two years ago hehe. It has these dual screens (Hence the name DS), a stylus and touch screen and a style reminient to the bricky gameboy; The Nintendo DS brought me back to the days of the jumping plumber brothers, Super Mario, and the falling blocks that you need to line up, Tetris.

Most of my time now have been consumed by the Nintendo DS. Heck! I'm going loco over all the games that is available! Also I'm really amused by the innovative touch screen games of the DS. Imagine, there are games that enables you to be a surgeon, a lawyer, a housewife, a cook and even a detective!

Aside from games, there is a plethora of homebrews for the DS. I'm particularly excited for the free Internet browser, Okiwi. Haven't tried using the wifi of my DS yet. Anyway as soon as Ive got myself the add-ons, The wifi browser needs some add-ons to function, I'll slide to the nearest coffeshop with free wifi to fire up the internet capabilities of the DS.

I've already finished quite a few games on the DS-- New super mario brothers, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Elite Beat Agents and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. And just recently I've conquered Mario and Luigi partners in time and Osu Tatake Ouendan.

Need to find a new game though. I'm glad I just acquired a copy of God of War II for the ps2 - Yes, I also have a ps2 - but my attention is still focused on the DS and it's quirky games.

I do hope Nintendo goes forward in creating New Super Mario Brothers 2.

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