Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Bum Simulation
It's the third day of my holiday leave and I never felt so lazy in my life. Most of my friends and family have work to do, so most of the time, I got the house to myself.

I wake up usually at around 9 to 10 in the morning. Lie in my bed for about another 30 minutes then I find something to do. Usually I read a book or grab my Nintendo DS for some game time. At around 11 AM, I go down to the kitchen hoping my mom cooked me some breakfast that would automatically also be lunch for me.

I turn on the TV for some morning cartoons (Pokemon, Hamtaro, Cooking Master Boy, Detective Conan) while eating some grub. After that I turn on the computer, check some emails, downloads and surf a little then go back to my room to get a nap.

At around 3 PM I wake up again. Then I have nothing more to do.

My options are:

A. Go to the nearby mall.
B. Cook up something to eat.
C. Catch up on my TV Series/Anime.
D. Stare at the ceiling.



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