Thursday, February 28, 2008
How Six Songs Collide
Is both the local and international music industry keep regurgitating junk the past months or is just me piling up the years and clinging to the music I grew up with?

Within the past months, I've been listening to the same playlist on my Ipod. Sure I am tired of the songs but I don't have the time to keep myself updated with what's the latest in the music scene. MTV's not that hip anymore (and it's no longer accessible on local TV) and MYX... well, I lost interest in watching music videos.

Maybe I just outgrew the current music generation and unconsciously got stuck on my 'own' music scene just like my aunts and uncles who are 75% stuck on the 80s music scene and 25% stuck on manufactured novelty songs.

Are you like me who cannot let go of your certain brand of music? Tired of the never ending revivals and cover songs that does not even differ from the original? Disgusted by the uber-sugary-sprinkled-mega-poppy-new-and-improved-but-still-yucky novelty songs?

Well, I offer you an alternative: MashUps.

MashUps, is somewhat a remix/combination of two or more songs. As far as I remember, MTV once had a segment on this. Most of the best mashup songs are made by talented DJs out there meaning they are not official remixes. I happen to stumble upon one of the most beautiful, IMHO, mashups ever made. How Six Songs Collide. Made by a DJ named Norwegian Recycling, the mashUp is a combination of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours", Howie Day's "Collide", Five for Fighting's "Superman", Angela Ammon's "Always Getting Over You", Boyzone's "All that I need" and 3 Doors Down's "Here without you".

Currently, I keep this song on repeat on my iPod. I know, these are old songs but mashups breath new life them. Other mashUps that I recommend are: Brtiney Spears vs. Usher's "Yeah! Toxic", Destiny's Child vs. The Cardigan's "My Favorite Name" and Norwegian Recycling's "8 become 1".

And I'm currently listening to it while I'm writing this post. sooo Addicted.

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