Friday, May 12, 2006
Italian for "The Sea"
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Il mare's got a makeover. The Lake House starred by the Speed couple (Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves) is going to be shown in the Philippines on June 14 (mark your calendars Il mare fanatics). I've seen the trailer and it pretty much tells 50 percent of the story. You can search it a youtube if you're that curious. Of course there are some addtional scenes in the hollywood version of Il mare. One thing just bugs me in the trailer, it's that there is this statement "from the award winning author -Author's Name-" shown at the end. Why didn't they just put there "Screenplay by -Author's Name"? Misleading. And whenever I read news about The Lake House, it is never mentioned that it is a remake of an Asian movie? Just wondering. Oh well, I just hope this remake will live up to the standards of the original.
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