Monday, June 05, 2006
Cinematic Frustrations
Last Saturday, my brother insisted me to watch X-men: The Last Stand with him at the SM Mall of Asia (MoA). Actually, I was the one that chose to watch at Mall of Asia. It was about 7:30 pm when we arrived at the humongous mall and man! there are tons and tons of people! I can't believe that the 3rd largest mall in the world can be jam packed! Oh well, we didn't bother to explore the mall since it would waste our time, besides the line at the movie tickets was very long.

So on to the movies! I was expecting that I wouldn't have a nice cinema experience at MoA cause I've been to other SM cinemas and it wasn't that great. First of all (frustration), there was a sign posted at the ticket counter of the MoA that says "Guaranteed Seating". To my suprise, "Guaranteed Seating" means the tickets are only controlled -- generally speaking, it's a first-come-first-served basis on the seats once you get inside the cinema. Well anyway, we took our chances on the so-called "Guaranteed Seating" on the upper box. So we got two tickets, the problem was finding two available seats that are in the same row or else one of us may end up sitting in front and the other one sitting at the back (you get the scenario?).

The second frustation came as soon as we got to our seats. I mean, the distance between the seats were very close. When I sat down, my knees are literally touching the backside of the seat infront of me. So everytime someone has to go to the bathroom, we had to stand up to let him pass. The last frustration was the guys sitting beside us. I mean, they are so damn annoying and noisy! It's like he recited out loud the name of every mutant that appears on screen! Arrgh! Plus there are those people who are script guessers. I just hate it when they try to guess the next line of the actors especially when it turns out that they were wrong. And let's not forget those who take their cellphone calls inside the cinema. The agony...

It was my second time watching X-men: The Last Stand and my view of the movie was still the same with my first review. The effects are great. Story's bland. Definitely there's going to be a fourth one (It's already confirmed by Fox). And finally, I agree with the people that this installment of the X-men should have the title Wolverine and the X-men instead.

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