Monday, August 07, 2006
Johnjan: On Tour

"I wanna go back"

Palawan. Fine grain sand. Searing heat from the sun. Just you and a few people in the beach. All away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I wanna go back.

Just two months after our team building event at Balai sa Laiya, Batangas, our project gave us another island escapade and this time it was bigger and miles away from Manila. Three days and Two nights in Paradise! Weeeeee!

After our one hour flight, the team (composed of almose 30 people with some ex-pats) dropped our things at Royal Hotel Oberio which is just a few miles away from the airport. The hotel is a mediocre one. Nothing fancy about it and their door locks can be easily opened by anyone (Security is way below). Staff service, although friendly, was uber slow. Well, it doesn't matter anyway since it's not the hotel we're there for.

Here are the places we've been through in Palawan:

Honda Bay: Snake Island - What I liked about Honda Bay is the long boat trips from the wharf to the Snake Island. By the way, it's called Snake Island not because it was infested by snakes, hell we wouldn't set our feet in that island if that's the case, anyway the long strip of beach resembles a snake on a bird's eye view. The Island is so peaceful and very much clean. Snorkeling is the best activity to do here. I got to swim with some nemos and some dorys as well. hehehe.

Ka Lui - A very nice restaurant located near the airport. The food was delicious and the ambiance was very nice. The restaurant floor is made up of bamboo strips (ala papag) and guests are required to take their shoes/slippers off upon entering the restaurant. I felt at home right away. hehehe

The Underground River - To get to the underground river tour, We had to travel for two hours on land (van) just to get to Sabang wharf. The bumpy trip made me feel like I was going into the middle of nowhere with just trees and cliffs surrounding you. At the Sabang wharf, we had ride a motor boat to the underground river tours. It was a nice ride since I was amazed by the cliffs and the rock formations of the island. The tour into the underground river was very informative, that is if your boatman/tourguide is a lively one. With lots of baths and birds flying inside the cave, it is more likely that you'll come out with bat droppings or urine.

Three days and two nights wasn't enough to fully enjoy Palawan but it's worth it. The peacefulness of the island is enough to wipe away thoughts of stress, work and overtime.

I wanted to post more pictures of my trip but I guess it will eat up more bandwith and loading time. I'll post some of my favorite shots soon. Enjoy!
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