Sunday, March 23, 2008


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Saturday, March 22, 2008
The four-days-off during the Holy Week is very tempting to spend on vacation. Most people head to the beach, go to the provinces to chill-out and forget the worries of the city. My Holy Week for the past two years was spent away from home. I was invited to go again to Mindoro but I turned it down. I guess I miss spending my Holy Week with my family.

Float for La Pieta

Our Cathedral here in ParaƱaque hosts a very long procession, consisting of around 30+ floats featuring religious idols depicting the Passion of Christ, during Good Friday. Some call it "The Parade of the Saints" or what the kids normally call here 'mahabang pursisyon' (long procession).

People go out of their homes to watch
the Parade of the Saints every Good Friday

Took some shots of the procession last night. The procession suddenly reminded me of my younger days as an Altar Server (Sacristan) in our parish. I remember seeing myself wearing the white uniforms carrying the cloth signboard of the float I was assigned to. Hahaha. Those days were gone now and It's still quite comforting to see younger kids doing the same thing that I did back in the days.

Float for "Sourging at the Pillar"

Christ's Falls for the First Time

Saint Andrew, Our Parish's Saint.

On Easter Sunday there is another church event. Can't wait for tomorrow. I'll post some of the pictures at my flickr account. :)

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