Wednesday, June 28, 2006
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"Ang mga issues na nakaraan na at di nasabi agad eh dahilan na lang yan. Di na yan solusyon"

That's the closing remarks of my project team lead at one of our team meetings. Issues -- problems, confusions or what ever that's bothering you. It seems that every now and then there are some issues that come into our life no matter how we avoid it. May it be personal issues, family issues, love issues, health issues, work issues, friendship issues -- It's everywhere and a normal person may have one or more issues that I've stated.

In the past when I have personal issues, I tend to just keep it to myself. Tried to work it out on my own or just let it pass by with the time. I must say that I had a very hard time coping with them and as days had gone I've realized that the longer I keep it to myself, the more it affects each aspect of my life. It spawned other problems --family issues, health issues, friendship issues, each and every type of issue seem to march to my doorstep. That was the time that I had to give up and turn to some people.

I took refuge in the internet, chatting up unknown people and confiding in them. I sought for someone that would listen to my problems. I sought for comfort. Just talking about those issues made me feel a lot lighter. Even if someone gave you a bad advice or just mocked your issues, It still made me a lot lighter (although a bit angry). It's the process of speaking that helps.

Bringing up past issues doesn't help the present situation. Who wants to remember something bad that was already buried in memories? Bringing it up would just mess things up. I'm just wondering why do some people like to bring up past issues in heated arguments? What is their purpose? -- Just to hurt someone's feelings? And after they did that? Would they feel great? Yes. Maybe. But just for a moment.

As much as possible, let past issues be past issues. Just like what my project team lead had said to us, Issues that were in the past are just bad reasons, they can never be used as solutions to our current problems. To speak is a good start to end present issues or problems. Just look around, you're not alone.

"thinking out loud"
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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Min and Max
These are what I've been listening to the past few days:

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Nelly Furtado (Loose) - As Nelly Furtado realized that people did not fully buy her unique style of pop, she decided to infuse a little bit of RnB into her latest album. Nah, this one's another sugar coated album. There are some catchy cuts like 'Do it' which can be compared to Britney's 'Do Something' and 'Glow' which used a variety of electronic sounds.

Pink (I'm not Dead) - I got a copy of this album and I haven't dived into it yet except for Pink's recently released 'Who Knew' and the catchy profanity of 'Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)' - Cuttin' of the Phone, Leave me the F*ck Alone!. Hahaha I love it when Pink curses in her songs. It's full of Ooomph!

Cars (OST) - The main reason that I got a copy of this is because of the catchy song in the opening sequence of the movie. The moment I heard it I knew that it was Sheryl Crow singing. Half of the soundtrack is composed of musical scores (which is such a drag, I'm not into musical scores) but at least there some songs worth listening to: Sheryl Crow's Real Gone, John Mayer's Route 66 and Rascal Flatts' Life is a Highway.

Take the Lead (OST) - Pretty interesting soundtrack I got here. This one's a mixture of Hip-hop, Oldies and The hybrid Hip-Oldies. Tracks worth listening to are Black Eyed Peas Feel It, Sly and Stone's Que sera sera, Bone Thugs and Harmony's Take the Lead (Wanna Ride) and Jae Mills' I love it when you can't take that away <-- this one's so good.

Various Artists (Bossa N' Marley | Bossa N' Stones) - If you're a Bossa Nova fan or loved Sitti Navarro's style then this one's for you. I've been listening to these albums during my relaxation (typically after work) because the sounds are really soothing. Imagine the song 'Ever after' being toned down and the way it was sung was reduced to a soft whisper. Ahhh. A perfect match for unwinding at the end of a hard day's work.

Orson (Bright Idea) - Pure Genius. This band is pure genius. Although this band is new to the music scene, they have the potential to carve their own nook right beside the highly acclaimed bands. I mean I love every single song from their debut album: Bright Idea, No Tommorrow, Happiness (<-- my favorite), Already Over, Trying to Help, Look Around, The Ok song. The guitar riffs are awesome as well as the drum beats. One could rock along with these fellas. Bright Idea will do me good until Dashboard's Dusk and Summer Comes out.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Do I really need a reason? Is it really such a big deal? It just seems like the right situation to say how I really feel. I love the way that you look at me. And I can't stop looking at you. And the sweetest thing that you do for me is all the little things that you do. And when the world don't feel like turning, And the sun just wants to hide. All the stars come out to remind me of the universe by my side because...

All that happens is Happiness. Happiness- when I'm with you.

We ain't got a whole lot of money. How about a five star Happy Meal? Everyday with you is just like a party. There's nothing left of me for you to steal. And when the winter wind is blowin', I feel you blowin' kisses in my ear. And when you think that you're just talkin'- You know its singin' that I hear because...

All that happens is Happiness. Happiness- when I'm with you
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Say What?!
I'm sorry but I just have to post this pic...

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Parental Guidance is adviced! I just can't help but to think: What do they serve to their customers? And what the hell was the owner thinking?. Hmmm... there may be lot's of possibilities on how this eatery got it's name.

My theories:
  • It was named after someone. You know, most of us like to name jeepney's, stores, pets after someone dear to us. But if that's that's the case then all I can say is: Poor soul, named after a genital.
  • The sign-maker mispelled something. Maybe the original name of the eatery was "Pik Pik". It's just that the one who maked the sign made some booboos. I mean just observe some signs along Buendia or Edsa: "Bawal Omehi dito", "Menimum Fare: Six pisos" etc.
  • The owner is one hell of a nut job. In tagalog: "wala lang -- trip".
  • The owner loves... oh, you know what I mean!

"Saan ko kaya mahahanap itong carinderia na ito?"
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Monday, June 19, 2006
Silver Screen 1.1
It's movie time!

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Universal Studios) - I admit that even though I don't know how to drive, I love pimped out cars and roaring engines. One thing's for sure in the third installment of Fast and the Furious: The cars are sweet! It's like I'm almost drooling over the shiny paint jobs and the wicked decals of the cars used in the movie, not to mention the high-speed car chases/races and the sound of the screeching tires. The only thing missing is the smell of burnt rubber and the experience would be complete. However, this movie lived up to its title: Tokyo Drift, but went waaaay overboard with the "drift" part. It was too much -- the drift part that is. One or two drift tricks would do but to incoporate it even in the car chases? Again, It was too much. Besides the horrible acting and the bland story line, One thing that bothers me is that the lead actress looks a lot like Brook Burke (leading lady in Need for Speed Underground 2). Hmmm? Did this movie snatched some points from the video game? Anyway, If you're a speed freak and love cars then go watch this movie! You'll have a great time plus there's a very nice treat for Fast and Furious fans at the end of the movie.

The Lake House (Warner Bros) - This movie is a perfect example of the saying "Nothing beats the Original". Sure, the cinematography's great; the shots are awesome. I give credit for the director for that but this movie didn't capture the magic of the original film. The execution of the ending was badly done. For first timers, this movie is a nice way to burn some time but I still recommend the original by Sidus "Il Mare". The sea's better than the lake.

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Take the Lead (New Line Cinema) - Strut your stuff! Shake it! Shake it! This movie about getting jiggy with it -- ballroom style. This film proves that Antonio Banderas haven't lost his mojo with the ladies. I mean most of the viewers were women (1/3 of them were in the senior citizen age bracket). Besides, the movie's great. It has a nice story, although some parts are dragging and it has some loose ends. But the dance sequences were nicely executed and make up for the flaws of the film. Filipino-American Dante Basco was featured in the film and he just proved that Filipinos has this natural talent in dancing (We like to shake our thing? right?! shake it! wiggle-wiggle!). Take the Lead introduces a new style of ballroom dancing that the younger generation might appreciate. It's some kind of a hybrid style; a cross between hip-hop and ballroom. I must admit, the dance moves are cool. I recommend this movie because it's somewhat worth watching.

Cars (Disney/Pixar) - I just said that I love cars right? Now how could I even let this one slip right through? Cars, from the director of Toy Story and A Bug's Life, is one sweet movie. I know, I know its somewhat absurd to watch talking cars but hey what's wrong with that? I bet you've seen the movie about the talking clown fish. Anyway, I was amazed on the detail of this 3d animation. The cars are slick and shiny almost like real-life toys! Even the backdrop were something to be amazed about. I had a couple of laughs with this film especially in the credits part. It was really amusing. The story was very nice -- heartwarming BUT it lacks something. Just can't figure out what. Although it was meant for kids, the adults can take a lesson from it too. Watch it in the theatres, it's a nice experience.


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Friday, June 16, 2006
During one of my mindless net surfing, I stumbled-upon this product...

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For the Ipod, this is waaaaay too much.
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Dance! Dance!

Holy Cow! And I thought that DDR was supposed to be for teenagers only. This kid's waaay better than me! I won't allow it! Waah! (Batang ito? Ano? Dance Maniax kaya mo? ha? kala mo kung sinong astig to' pakamot-kamot pa ng ulo. Ano laban ka?) Do you have any idea on how old this kid is? Just watch it till the end of the video.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006
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Took this pictures a few hours ago. The view from the top can be awesome otherwise vertigo might hit you.

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Sunset. If only brought along my digi cam rather than using my phone to take this living piece of art.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
I've been blog tagged! Hmmmmmm I guess I could play along because this seems fun. Btw, fyi, asap, brb, this is father shawboy's fault. ahihihi
Name ten(10) of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten(10) people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.
  1. Animation - Any kind of animation will satisfy the kid inside me. Sometimes it puts a little smile on my face.
  2. Playing in the rain - Forget about the sniffles, It's fun getting soaked up from rain showers. Just running through the rain gives someone some sense of freedom and comfort. No wonder people prefer getting soaked up when they are sad or happy. Try it. You'll see.
  3. Dusk and Dawn - The soft glow of the rising/setting sun which gives an orange tinge to anything that touches it amazes me. Like what most people say about sunrises/sunsets over a beautiful horizon -- Breathtaking.
  4. Films - The dark atmosphere of the theatre with the light of the projector, coupled with a good film -- Time well spent.
  5. Just laying bed during rain showers - Well if its not possible to splash around in the rain might as well just lie around and listen to the sound of the rain hitting the roof. Peace.
  6. Native/Street Foods - Binatog, Dinuguan at Puto, Lugaw, Ginataan on cold rainy days and Halo-halo, dirty ice cream, mais con hielo on hot lazy days. Yum!
  7. Laughter - It's a privilege that most of us doesn't care about. Laugh, Giggle, Snort -- It's free and It feels good. Right?
  8. Seeing kids playing old-school games - With the new age of technology, children are forgetting about our native games. One time I asked a kid if he knew what 'Tumbang Preso' is, He replied "Tumbang Preso? Ano yun?". It's so sad that the games that I've grown-up playing are slowly being forgotten. Well anyway, Who's up for a game of Siato?
  9. Old, Aged, Sepia-toned Photos - For me, browsing through old and sepia-toned photos is like time-travelling. Wooosh!
  10. Simple touch, Gentle Tug - It's mushy but I'm human after all.
I tagged: Elle, J3n, Jigs, Erwinzky, Brad, Vanny, Rowjie, Justine, Ysiad and Jami. Or anyone else who wants to play along. Let me tag you. ahehehehe
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A team building happened last night at the Circles Shangrila Makati because the most highest and revered (revered?!) teamleads flew in from Germany. Oh my, I've never been so full and so confused in my whole life. Circles is one of those high-end Buffets that offer superb food. So many cuisines are up for grabs (grab and put into mouth, repeat process). Sky's the limit.

The moment that it was time for the whole team to get to the buffet table and select whatever they want. Hell broke loose. I was so confused on what to try out first. Lamb-chops, Fish Fillets, Sushi, Steaks, Tempura, Veggies, soups, Dimsum, whaaaah! A first timer like me would go mad on what to eat. By the time that I had my third run on the Buffet table, I was already bursting. My stomach was up to limits but no... the desert bar was still untouched. Need to get my hands on those sweets (Crepes, Ice creams, Flans, Cakes, Cookies and Pastries) and that chocolate fountain...

And so I gave in to the lushiousness (not to mention the sugar-highness) of the sweets. I picked the strawberry flan (which I thought was somekind of ice cream), Creme Brulee and two pieces of chocolate covered marshmallows. My cavities were definitely having a feast back then with my chocolate covered teeth. Heehee. After eating that three items, I just said to myself that I shall never go near the dessert bar again... two minutes later I came back to my seat carrying a peach-flavored muffin with chocolate trimmings. Arrgh! I swear, the dessert bar is some sort of incarnation of dark forces. It can suck the life force of those who have a weak will. It's irresistible!

After that night I have a clear idea of what the word 'gluttony' means. Ugh! I wanna barf. Anyone out there knows a good gym? I need to lose this pounds and some inches (Been trying forever). Heehee. Lesson learned: Dessert Bar Buffets are pure Evil.
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Friday, June 09, 2006
Whoa! Been busy the past days and I've been going home late and too tired to post here. Well anyway, Tons of things happened the past week! Let's start off at Wednesday (Yesterday) evening where some of my college buddies and I went to have dinner.

The location: Super bowl of China. Although the meeting time was 7:30 PM, some of us managed to come late to our meeting place (I'm on time! for the first time! Thanks to my office which is just across Glorietta. heehee). At first we had trouble picking out where to eat cause originally the place we want was Dencio's but unfortunately there is no Dencio's in the Makati Area. Since it was already late and we are in some kind of a tight budget, we decided to eat at Super Bowl of China.

We ordered some yummy stuff back there. (Yang chow fried rice, Chili Eggplant, Lemon Chicken and Some-kind of Beef platter). By the way, vanny ate most of the stuff so the rest of us were left starving... Just kidding Vanny! teehee. Aside from Vanny and myself, the others who were present are Charlie, Abby, Princess, Rowell and Mark. Leslie, who was supposedly be there, didn't make it because of some miscommunication. Oh well there will be other times. teehee.

Originally it was Princess' idea that we met on a wednesday evening to have dinner because she had taken a leave that day. She poped me on YM asking if I already got the money from the Mapua jacket the I have sold (This is another story). I said Yes and kaboom -- Dinner at 8 PM. We had fun catching up with each other that night. Exchanging stories and looking back on college days booboos and stuff. Plus the fact that our tummies are fully packed with food.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Licking is Believing
Because the date today is June 6, 2006 (6/6/06), where in the feared anti-christ will come out of his/her mother's womb. I offer, to all of you, this poem which is highly educational (anu kuneksyon ng date at tula?). This poem was now a year old and supposedly had been posted in my previous blog but I lost track of it. BUT now that I found it again, I now present you...


Halika, Lumapit ka.
Ika'y aking tuturuan ng nakaka-aliw na bagay.

Hawakan mo ng mabuti. Paikut-ikutin muna sa kamay para madama ang hugis nito. Pisilin ng bahagya. maaari mo rin itong amuy-amuyin.

Ipwesto ito sa pagitan ng iyong mga palad. Pwede mong pagulung-gulungin kung gusto mo. Ilagay sa pagitan ng iyong mga daliri na parang pipisilin ito.

Pisilin ito ng buong lakas. Pisilin hanggang sa mapunit ang balat. Kasabay ng pagpunit ng balat ay maaring lumabas ang puting likidong malagkit. At kapag bumuka na ng bahagya ang punit na balat, hilahin ito para tuluyang mabiyak.

Kuhanin ang isang kabiyak. Unatin ang parteng may balat para tuluyang lumabas ang laman. Ilabas lahat ng laman at isubo na ito...

Nguyain, Sipsipin. Namnamin ang katas nito. Sabay lunukin.

Ang sarap...

"i-Click mo ako"

Note: Sabi daw na the date 6/6/06 happened four years ago.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Love's Splendor
Image Hosted by

It was love at first sight. I love you too... Image Hosted by

*Taken from my travel to Liaya, Batangas

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As of this Moment
It's 3:08 pm on a Monday. A sunny day to be exact but I feel cold. The airconditioning is high again and I left my jacket at home. Fingers are becoming stiff. I wish I can go out to the warm afternoon. But it's too soon. Currently I'm at my cube. Office things cluttered all over my desk. A mess. Oh well, just have to wait, I'll just listen to Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams. Guitars strumming helps my afternoon become lazier. Not too much work to do, just finished all of them actually. This is how Mondays should be.

My mind's a clutter. It's In dire need of thought reoganization. sigh... Breakdown by Jack Johnson is currently playing -- "I need this old train to breakdown, Oh please just let me breakdown". I need a break. breakdown. breakaway. whatever. As long as it's a nice long time of idleness. Naaaah. I'm just being lazy again.
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Monday, June 05, 2006
Cinematic Frustrations
Last Saturday, my brother insisted me to watch X-men: The Last Stand with him at the SM Mall of Asia (MoA). Actually, I was the one that chose to watch at Mall of Asia. It was about 7:30 pm when we arrived at the humongous mall and man! there are tons and tons of people! I can't believe that the 3rd largest mall in the world can be jam packed! Oh well, we didn't bother to explore the mall since it would waste our time, besides the line at the movie tickets was very long.

So on to the movies! I was expecting that I wouldn't have a nice cinema experience at MoA cause I've been to other SM cinemas and it wasn't that great. First of all (frustration), there was a sign posted at the ticket counter of the MoA that says "Guaranteed Seating". To my suprise, "Guaranteed Seating" means the tickets are only controlled -- generally speaking, it's a first-come-first-served basis on the seats once you get inside the cinema. Well anyway, we took our chances on the so-called "Guaranteed Seating" on the upper box. So we got two tickets, the problem was finding two available seats that are in the same row or else one of us may end up sitting in front and the other one sitting at the back (you get the scenario?).

The second frustation came as soon as we got to our seats. I mean, the distance between the seats were very close. When I sat down, my knees are literally touching the backside of the seat infront of me. So everytime someone has to go to the bathroom, we had to stand up to let him pass. The last frustration was the guys sitting beside us. I mean, they are so damn annoying and noisy! It's like he recited out loud the name of every mutant that appears on screen! Arrgh! Plus there are those people who are script guessers. I just hate it when they try to guess the next line of the actors especially when it turns out that they were wrong. And let's not forget those who take their cellphone calls inside the cinema. The agony...

It was my second time watching X-men: The Last Stand and my view of the movie was still the same with my first review. The effects are great. Story's bland. Definitely there's going to be a fourth one (It's already confirmed by Fox). And finally, I agree with the people that this installment of the X-men should have the title Wolverine and the X-men instead.

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Friday, June 02, 2006
Color everywhere
Ako'y gumising sa isang umagang kay ganda. Nag-unat ng katawan. Nag-ayos ng aking hinigaan. Kinuha ang aking tuwalya at lumabas na ng aking kuwarto. Haaay, sarap ng tulog ko. Ako'y pumunta na sa may hagdan at sa aking unang hakbang pababa aking nasambit:

"Shiyeeeeet! Malagkheeeet!"

Mabilis ulit akong umakyat. Tinignan ang aking paa. Ano itong aking naapakan?! Kulay brown?! Ang lagkit. Sabay sigaw ng aking butihing ama: "Johnjan! Wag kang bumaba diyan bagong pintura ang hagdan!"

"sabi ko nga."

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Thursday, June 01, 2006
It's another 'useless' day for me at work because I spent 80% of the day doing nothing (by 'nothing' I mean surfing the web or pretending to do something). Our working hours start at 10 am but since I'm the model employee of our project, I normally arrive at around 12 pm. heehee. Oh well, since I was not productive anymore I got out of the office at around 8 pm.

About thirty minutes later, I got on a bus that was bound to the south. Bad luck hit me since the seat that I got had a leaking airconditioning on top. So half of the ride I was wiping droplets of water off from my bag, face and arms. I could not switch places since the bus was already jam packed.

Later on as some passengers were getting off and some are boarding the bus, I noticed this lady in an orange shirt. She's with her whole family, I guess, because an old man and two teenage boys was with her. She seems familiar. I just can't remember the name. Anyway as she sat on the seat adjacent to mine, she instructed her husband to sit beside her. When she has spoken, my memory kicked in. I remember. The way she spoke: "Dito meron pa", it had a distinct intonation that I can never forget. It's an intonation that I've always heard in my school days. She was one of my highschool teachers.

I remembered her name. I remembered her voice. I remembered the very famous words of her. I was about to say 'hi' when I hesistated. Maybe stress kept me from saying 'hi'. I just wondered, will she remember who I am? She has taught a lot of students and I think it's hard for her to remember all of their names. Maybe she'll remember students that are really memorable but not me.

According to Bob Ong, in the eyes of a teacher, a class of students can be grouped under different categories:
  • Clowns - Ang official 'Kenkoy' ng klase.
  • Geeks - Mga walang pakialam sa mundo, libro-teacher-blackboard lang ang iniintindi.
  • Hallow man - mga palaging absent o mga absent minded.
  • Spice Girls - Samahan ng mga babaeng fashionista, gimikera, etc.
  • Da Gwapings - Counterpart ng Spice Girls.
  • Celebrities - Ang mga atleta, class president, musical singers.
  • Guinness - Matitibay ang loob at determinasyon sa pag-aaral.
  • Leather Goods - Matibay ang determinasyong mangopya, mandaya. Makapal ang mukha.
  • Weirdos - Mga probelamtic, misunderstood o black sheep ng klase.
  • Mga Anak ni Rizal - Well rounded students. Magaling sa academic, physical etc.
  • Commoners - Mga generic na miyembro ng klase. Mga unang nakakalimutan ng teachers at classmates nila.
exceprt from ABNKKBSNPLAko?!

I guess I fall under the 'Commoners' category. She managed to look at me but I did not dare to look back. It was already an akward moment for me. As we got off the same bus stop, I just wondered if she's still teaching at my high school. Many teachers had changed schools since the 'mercury incident' threatened to shut down my highschool. Oh well, I just hope she's still teaching.

"...grow and be like the molave"
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