Thursday, December 25, 2008
Happy Holidays! :D
Merry Christmas to All!

Give Love on Christmas Day!

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Monday, December 01, 2008
Live High, Live Mighty (Oct 3, 2008)
It was a national Holiday for Germany last October 3. Since it's a holiday, all shops (by 'all', I mean everything -- grocery stores, malls, private shops) were closed. We were supposed to go on a trip somewhere but it didn't go as planned since we didn't plan properly (ngak!). So instead of being stuck in the apartment and sulk all day, I decided (and dragged along one of my colleagues) to watch a concert. Good thing that Jason Mraz had a show, just one bus ride from Frankfurt, so we got last minute tickets and rushed to the concert venue.

A part of "We sing We dance, We Steal Things" European tour, Jason tagged Ingrid Michaelson as a guest performer on his shows. Both artists were great performers. Listening to Ingrid was really soothing while Jason's live performance was really amazing (It's like listening to an album, heck, he even sounds better than in the album). Really loved their version of 'Lucky' (which Jason originally sang with Colbie Calliat (Did I get that right?)) and was ecstatic when he suddenly sang 'Sleeping to Dream' in the middle of his 'You and I Both' performance.

Here's the video of 'Sleeping to Dream/You and I' medley that I took:

And here is his performance of 'I'm Yours' which I can't believe that I was singing along to while I was taking this video:

Concert Highlights:
1. Mashup of 'Sleeping to Dream' and 'You and I Both'. (video above)
2. Mashup of 'I'm Yours' and Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' (video)
3. Mashup of 'The Remedy' and Oasis' 'Wonderwall'
4. Ingrid and Jason's version of 'Lucky'.
5. Trumpets up front in "Live High, Live Mighty"
6. Photograph give-away ending.

All in all I had a great time in the concert. I love the songs, love the performance, love the front row view. The concert was really worth it. Here are some pictures that I took from the concert: "Jason Mraz Live @ Neu Isenburg"

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