Monday, March 26, 2007
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Ahhhhh! This is the life. Got myself another day-off. Nothing to do, no worries, plenty to eat, sleep like crazy, play like crazy, surf like there's no tommorrow...

And still you get your salary for the day. YEAH!


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Sunday, March 25, 2007
on Gaming

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Since the first time I laid my hands on our family computer/famicom, I knew that that was the start of a very long relationship... to video games. Well, my point is that I really like video games. May it be the ancient famicom, the bulky arcade or the bricky gameboy as long as I'm in control of a sprite or a moving protagonist then I'm into it.

Recently, I just bought myself the newest offer of Nintendo to the gaming world -- The Nintendo DS. Well, It was already released two years ago hehe. It has these dual screens (Hence the name DS), a stylus and touch screen and a style reminient to the bricky gameboy; The Nintendo DS brought me back to the days of the jumping plumber brothers, Super Mario, and the falling blocks that you need to line up, Tetris.

Most of my time now have been consumed by the Nintendo DS. Heck! I'm going loco over all the games that is available! Also I'm really amused by the innovative touch screen games of the DS. Imagine, there are games that enables you to be a surgeon, a lawyer, a housewife, a cook and even a detective!

Aside from games, there is a plethora of homebrews for the DS. I'm particularly excited for the free Internet browser, Okiwi. Haven't tried using the wifi of my DS yet. Anyway as soon as Ive got myself the add-ons, The wifi browser needs some add-ons to function, I'll slide to the nearest coffeshop with free wifi to fire up the internet capabilities of the DS.

I've already finished quite a few games on the DS-- New super mario brothers, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Elite Beat Agents and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. And just recently I've conquered Mario and Luigi partners in time and Osu Tatake Ouendan.

Need to find a new game though. I'm glad I just acquired a copy of God of War II for the ps2 - Yes, I also have a ps2 - but my attention is still focused on the DS and it's quirky games.

I do hope Nintendo goes forward in creating New Super Mario Brothers 2.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007
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Woke up at around 11:30 AM in the morning... Gosh! I'm late for work but then as soon as I got out of bed I realized... Didn't I got the permission yesterday from the higherpowers not to go to work today? Hehehe. That's right, I got no work today and I have nothing to do.

I just made myself useful by cleaning up my junk of a room. Lately, my room's been screaming filthy. Dirty and clean clothes sprawled all over, inches thick of dust covered my stereo, my study table's piled with books and other trash, the trash bin's full to the brim of unrecognizable stuff and my closet was like a door to nightmare land.

Whenever I'm about to clean my room I always remind myself of the word SPACE -- I got this from watching some talk show back when we still have cable TV -- Anyway space stands for S.sort, P.purge, A.associate (I'm not sure of this one), C.containerize and E.economize. With this principle I realized that I really have a lot things that have no more use to me -- so I throw them out. And also my closet's went from nightmare land to minimal land. Now I need a new wardrobe.

I really had fun with the Purge part. Every time I came across a certain something it reminds me of past events -- Goes in reminiscing mode: 'Oh, the shirt that mom gave me on my birthday... I remember the time I wore this blah blah blah... too bad it doesn't fit anymore.' -- *chucks shirt to a trash bag*. On to the next item. :P

The diskettes (pictured above) were something I came across while rummaging through my things. It was never used at all. Too bad -- *grabs my phone cam, took a picture and threw the diskettes in the trash bag*. What a waste.

Noon came and still my room is half clean. I guess too much my time went into reminiscing. hehe


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Thursday, March 15, 2007
History Lesson

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My brother and I watched 300 last monday. I had no work so I took him to one of the friendly neighborhood SM malls. We watched the second (Around 7 pm) to the last show and I was suprised that there are still many people in the cinema. It just proves that 300 is still one smokin' hot movie. Last saturday I checked out if my friend and I can manage to watch 300. Unfortunately all seats were already taken. I mean, the movie houses were already jampacked till the last full show.

Well anyway, the movie 300 is a total eye candy. Every scene is stunningly gorgeous and the war details is very well made. Storywise, meh!. Hehehe. The scene I liked the most is the dance of the oracle. Obviously, the original sequence was created underwater and later special effects were added like the smoke swirlies.

Many people were wondering with what is the connection of the oracle with the story of 300. Well, in greek times there was this Oracle of Delphi that was under the god Apollo (She was like, may greeks believed, the mouthpiece of Apollo). Many kings and war lords come to consult the oracle regarding war decisions and such. The smoke in movie is some kind of drug that induces hallucinations upon inhalation. That's why the oracle is dancing wildly and speaking gibberish to the mystics (I've read this somewhere). Ok, see wikipedia for more details. heehee.

Now that I've watched 300... I need God of War II!


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Monday, March 12, 2007
What Happened?
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It's been a long time since I've posted something on this blog. I was actually thinking of putting this down because the lack of time to post something but I've changed my mind. Work pushed me hard the past six months and it made me lost some connections/communications with my friends and family. But hey, tide changes, the wheel turns and now I'm recovering from whatever happened.

Changed my lay-out also and went for something light. The banner... well it's a result of random photoshop blah blahs. Should I change it? hmmm... only time will tell. I still have some more things to tweak to this blog: Labels, Side Map, Pictures, shoutbox, Badges.

Well, Let's get this started.


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Still Alive
Whoa! It's been a long long time. Hey peeps! I'm still alive! And I'll be back soon


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