Friday, August 24, 2007
Do you know your IP Address?
Well do you?

If you do then good for you! But if you don't then let me tell you a raunchy way of knowing your IP address. Just follow these steps and it'll change the way you look, well maybe say, IP addresses ever again.

Image Hosted by

1. Look at the picture. (Is she in pain? Ecstasy? Trying to sh*t a load? You decide)
2. Close your eyes. Let the picture burn in your brain (or eyeballs if you may).
3. Now click this link --> GIVE IT TO ME GOOD, ooooh! Aaaaah! Yes! Yes!
4. Listen to your IP address. Let your imagination run wild.
5. Return to this blog.

My Review: I love the 'dot' part. 'dhhhooooooot'.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Here I go again
Aaaaaaaaaand here I go again! As you may have noticed, I've been busy the past month (as always) that's why there is less life around this blog. Well, most of time I'm too lazy to post my thoughts or I'm already occupied by other things such as video games, video games and video games.

It's really hard to do something else when you are so engrossed in a game (to put it in your view, relaxation period), mainly also because I play on my bed which makes me more lazier. So to switch things around I'm doing a little reading and letting my creative juices flow (notice the banner?).

Again I'll be updating this blog once in a while. Maybe post some random things I find in the internet or unusual things about my life.

And thanks for the visitors and your comments! Keep 'em coming and soon I'll get back at you.


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